Commercial Food Packaging To Reduce Waste

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Commercial food packaging to reduce waste is a common necessity in food manufacturing and packaging. Automatic vacuum packaging systems are great for packaging food in a manner that will extend shelf life, reduce food waste, and increase production speeds and output. Vacuum packaging is used to pack a variety of different products, but is especially helpful when packaging food products. Vacuum sealing works by removing excess oxygen and creating an airtight seal. This sealing method locks in freshness and prevents exposure to elements and bacteria that can cause spoil, effectively reducing food waste and loss of product. If you are in need of commercial food packaging to reduce waste, AMAC Technologies can help. 

Benefits of AMAC Technologies’ Commercial Food Vacuum Packaging

  • Speed – These automated systems allow you to produce at speeds of 60 units per second. This dramatically improves production speeds and increases output, at a rate that is not possible with manual vacuum packaging methods. 
  • Reduced Labor Cost – The use of automatic commercial food packaging equipment makes it easy to also reduce labor costs. With this highly efficient, hands free machinery handling the entirety of your packaging process, you are able to remove the burden, risk, and cost of tedious, manual packaging methods. All in all, this results in a faster, more affordable packaging process.
  • Versatility – AMAC Technologies produces both pouch filling and FFS (Form Fill Seal) vacuum packaging equipment. The pouch filing systems automatically feed, open, fill, and seal pre-made pouches, laminates, and stand up bags with your liquid or solid food products, and vacuum seal to finish. The FFS vacuum sealing systems will cut c-fold film to fit the shape of your food products, creating a custom pouches, including large and irregularly shaped food products with no need for custom molds.

Want to learn more about commercial food packaging to reduce waste?

If you are interested in using commercial food packaging equipment to reduce waste and take your packaging process to the next level, contact AMAC Technologies here! AMAC Technologies is a trusted, long time provider of cutting edge manufacturing equipment. If you are looking for speed, efficiency, and affordability, contact AMAC Technologies today to speak with a specialist and get started!