What Food Manufacturing Problems do Co-Packers Solve?

Posted by AMAC

Today, food manufacturers have several issues to address when it comes to consumer products. Packaging requirements are constantly changing in the food industry. One of the most extensive changes seen in the last few years is a consistent need to have allergen controls during the packaging process. This includes preventing food products from being exposed to wheat, gluten, and nuts. But allergies are just one issue food manufacturers face while preparing products for distribution and sale. By using co-packers, they are able to better meet these consumer needs. This additional help delivers faster turn-around to ensure a vast amount of product inventory is not sitting around for too long as well. Co-packers solve many problems food manufactures are experiencing as the needs of consumers quickly change.

Co-Packer Manufacturing Solutions

Companies today have a greater desire to package and distribute products faster using tactics such as just-in-time manufacturing. It is detrimental to sit on inventory or to not get a brand to market quickly. Consumers have more ways to purchase products and expect items to arrive in minimal time. Co-packers are able to implement processes to better support these needs. Their services offer benefits such as:

  • Reduced Investment Costs
  • Access to High-End Equipment
  • Environmentally Safe Practices
  • Faster Output and Efficiency
  • Ability to Adapt to Change

Beyond these benefits, a co-packer is able to resolve the issue of packaging products in a separate, protected area. This is helpful when products with allergens are commonly packaged at the facility. It eliminates the need to invest in more equipment, people, and processes to achieve allergen free packaging.

Co-packers also solve issues such as labor-shortage problems within the manufacturing facility. They can be used to supplement labor requirements at a lower cost over a specific period of time. Finally, this choice allows companies to actively compete with the fast turn-around consumers have come to expect thanks to drone deliveries and additional services now offered by larger providers.

If you are a co-packer or manufacturer seeking advanced options capable of resolving today’s food manufacturing problems, AMAC Technologies can help by offering reliable, automated equipment solutions. Contact us today to learn more!