Circuit Board Vacuum Packaging Equipment

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What is circuit board vacuum packaging? Circuit board vacuum packaging is a process used to pack and seal PCBs or other delicate, electronic components for shipping and storage. In this process, manufacturers of circuit boards, silicon wafers, and other small electronic components will use semi-automated or automated vacuum packaging equipment to seal these products into durable, airtight pouches that will protect them from damaging elements when being shipped and handled by retailers and consumers. If you are looking for cutting-edge, commercial, vacuum packaging equipment for electronic component manufacturers that are designed to save time and money, AMAC Technologies can help!

Benefits of AMAC Technologies Circuit Board Vacuum Packaging Equipment:

  • Fast – AMAC Technoclogies’ produces semi-automated and automated vacuum packaging machines that can fill, pack, and seal at speeds of 60 units per minute. This helps you to increase productions speeds and output.
  • Money-Saving – With an automated packaging system doing all the heavy lifting, there is no need for manual packaging methods or manual intervention with these vacuum sealing systems. This allows you to greatly reduce your labor costs, making your packaging system faster and more affordable. 
  • Diverse Selection – AMAC Technologies offers a full line of vacuum sealing equipment for electronic components and other consumer goods. This includes rotary pouch filling machines, FFS machines, CHamber vacuum sealers, nozzle sealers, and much more.
  • Expert Knowledge – AMAC Technologies has been a leading provider of cutting-edge manufacturing and packaging equipment for over 40 years. Their dedicated team of vacuum packaging specialists can work with you to understand your needs and help you find the best packaging solutions for your applications.

Want To Learn More About Packaging Solutions For Electronic Components?

If you want to learn more about circuit board vacuum packaging equipment, contact AMAC Technologie here! Our vacuum packaging experts are here to take your calls and help you find the right machinery for your needs. Call today to get started.