Cheese Vacuum Packaging – What a Simple Packaging Solution

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Cheese. It’s not just for Europeans anymore. The cheese industry is alive and well in the United States as Americans are consuming a whopping 38lbs per capita. It’s not just a great snack, but it is the best topping by far on another American favorite: pizza. With the decline in milk consumption, dairy farmers have found a great alternative in cheese that Americans are loving too. Now what’s the best way to preserve cheese? How about cheese vacuum packaging? It is such a simple solution!

Cheese Vacuum Packaging

Regardless of the type of cheese you process, there is a vacuum sealing machine that will provide packaging that is superior to any other type available. For a cheese manufacturer, having a machine that can meet the needs of so many cheese types is a bonus. Vacuum sealing works with bulk cheese, shredded cheese, blocks of cheese, individual snack cheese and more. It doesn’t matter if it is natural, organic, or processed, the vacuum sealing benefits are the same and will be the easiest and best way to keep your cheese fresh for optimum shelf life.

Advantages of Vacuum Sealing Cheese

Keeping cheese fresh is a priority along with preserving product integrity. Vacuum packaging easily handles both of those. Let’s look at what other benefits vacuum packaging provides for cheese manufacturers. Below are a few reasons manufacturers should choose vacuum packaging for their cheese products.

  1. Product Protection – Protects cheese from spoiling and helps to preserve the flavor, look, and freshness for maximum appeal.
  2. Extends Shelf Life – Vacuum sealing extends shelf life of cheese to 4 to 6 months.
  3. See Through Packaging – Some vacuum packaging allows the consumer to see most of the product they are buying. Foil, containers, and other types of packaging often hide the actual product. A clear sealed package allows the consumer to buy with confidence.
  4. Product Integrity – Along with enhancing look of the cheese, a vacuum seal will keep it free from dust, pests, moisture and any other environmental contaminants that could harm or damage the cheese.
  1. Quick Processing – With the proper machine, vacuum sealing is a very quick and efficient method of packaging and preserving cheese.
  2. Space Saving Equipment – Vacuum sealers are small enough to be convenient to use in smaller processing places such as a farm or small processing facility.

When it comes to cheese, vacuum sealing is the best option for packaging. Simply put, it is designed to maintain freshness while providing the best display and handling options. We’ve helped many processors find the best cheese vacuum sealing machine to meet their production needs.

Learn How Simple Cheese Vacuum Packaging Really Is!

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