Cheese Packaging: Is Vacuum Sealing a Good Option?

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cheese-packagingCheese Packaging

Statistics show that an estimated 47% of millennials prefer a ketogenic diet. Ketogenic diets focus more on consuming saturated fats with some proteins, and very little carbohydrates. One of the biggest challenges on a Keto diet is not having simple snack items. Since they require little to no preparation and are easily transported, cheeses are a great option and becoming a go-to snack for keto dieters. Millennials also have an affinity towards trying new things, so we are seeing new cheese products emerge on the market. International flavors, hot cheeses, and organic farm to table options are just a few new products. With this growing demand, cheese manufacturers should be looking at the best ways to package these cheeses. Vacuum sealing is a great option for cheese packaging.

Many people think that the freezer is only place where a vacuum sealer can have a significant impact on food quality. Vacuum sealing is one of the best packaging methods for preserving freshness and it is also one of the easiest to use. Vacuum sealing removes the air and prevents bacteria from growing and will keep cheese fresher longer. Cheese generally lasts between one to two weeks when stored in ordinary bags and containers, but using a vacuum sealer extends that length between four and eight months.

Advantages of Vacuum Sealing Cheese

Manufacturer use vacuum packaging for many reasons. Keeping cheese fresh is a priority along with preserving product integrity. Vacuum packaging cheese checks both of those boxes, but what other benefits can vacuum packaging provide for cheese manufacturers? Below we take a look as just a few reasons manufacturers should choose vacuum sealing for their cheese packaging needs.

  1. Ultimate Protection – Protecting any food product from spoiling is critical, but preserving the flavor, look, and freshness of the food is the ultimate in protection. That’s  which is what vacuum packaging will do.
  2. Extends Shelf Life – As mentioned earlier, cheese lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 months when vacuum sealed. Extending the shelf life is an obvious advantage for retailers.
  3. Visually Attractive – Vacuum packaging allows the consumer to see most of the product they are buying. Foil, containers, and other types of packaging often hide the actual product. A clear sealed package allows the consumer to buy with confidence.
  4. Product Integrity – Along with enhancing look of the cheese, a vacuum seal will keep it free from dust, pests, moisture and any other environmental contaminants that could harm or damage the cheese.
  5. Quick Processing – With the proper machine, vacuum sealing is a very quick and efficient method of packaging and preserving cheese.
  6. Simple Equipment for Farms and Smaller Manufacturers – Vacuum sealers are small enough to be convenient to use in smaller processing places such as a farm.

When it comes to packaging cheese, vacuum sealing is a great option for packaging. It is designed to provide the best display and preservation. Making the switch to vacuum packaging is a fairly simple process, but you should contact a professional vacuum sealing manufacturer to find the best vacuum sealer to meet your exact packaging needs.

Looking for a Great Cheese Packaging Option to Ensure Freshness?

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