Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer Uses and Benefits

Posted by Chela Mancuso

Commercial chamber vacuum sealer uses typically involve solid and liquid food packaging and manufacturing. Chamber vacuum sealers are highly sought after in commercial food packaging industries because these machines are fast, efficient, and provide durable airtight packaging that helps to prevent food from spoiling and extends the shelf life of perishable food items. 

Chamber vacuum sealers are also ideal for food packaging because, unlike nozzle vacuum sealers, they do not use suction to remove excess air from the packaging. Chamber vacuum sealers expel oxygen from the packaging by applying consistent pressure to push the oxygen out. Not only does this allow manufacturers to use a chamber vacuum sealing system on both solid al liquid food products, but it also allows the manufacturer to choose how much oxygen they want to remove from the packaging to create the ideal packaging environment for each product. 

If you are looking for commercial chamber vacuum sealers that can be used in food manufacturing, packaging, grocery, and restaurant purposes, AMAC Technologies is here to help. AMAC Technologies is a leading provider of industrial vacuum packaging equipment designs to help save time and money by automating packaging processes and increasing production speeds. 

More About AMAC Technologies’ Vacuum Sealer Line:

  • Variety – AMAC Technologies offers a range of different chamber vacuum sealers from small tabletop units to high volume, automated systems, and everything in between to accommodate food production facilities of all sizes. In addition to chamber vacuum sealers, AMAC Technologies also offers a full line of cutting-edge vacuum packaging systems that can be used across industries. 
  • Product Protection – AMAC Technologies chamber vacuum sealers provide protective vacuum packaging with air-tight seals which prevent airborne microorganisms from spoiling food. This style of packaging helps to extend shelf life and provides convenient packaging that is easy to ship, store, and freeze. 
  • Efficiency – AMAC Technologies’ fully automated systems are virtually hands-free and can operate at speeds of 60 units per minute which helps to greatly increase output speeds and reduce or eliminate the need for manual packaging methods.
  • Affordability – With the use of a sophisticated, automated, vacuum packaging system, you are able to significantly reduce labor costs and make your manufacturing process much more affordable.

Want To Learn More About Chamber Vacuum Sealer Uses?

If you would like more information about chamber vacuum sealer uses and would like to get in touch with vacuum packaging specialists, Contact AMAC Technologies. With over four decades of experience in providing cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, AMAC Technologies and its dedicated team will be able to answer all your questions and help you find the best vacuum packaging solutions for your needs.