Chamber Vacuum Sealer For Food

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Using a chamber vacuum sealer for food is an easy and efficient method of automatically packaging food products to best protect your products and extend shelf life. Chamber vacuum sealers work by using even and consistent pressure to evacuate excess oxygen from the packaging chamber, creating an even, air tight seal to lock in freshness. If you are looking for a vacuum sealing solution that can handle high volume and a wide variety of food products with varying shapes, sizes, and consistencies, you may want to consider a chamber vacuum sealer for food.   

Benefits of AMAC Technologies Chamber Vacuum Sealer For Food:

  • High Volume – Chamber vacuum sealers have 2-3 sealing bars, allowing for multiple items to be packaged at once. This is great for high volume facilities looking to speed up or automate their packaging process. 
  • Automatic – AMAC Technologies’ chamber vacuum sealer is also automated, reliving your employees of tedious packaging tasks. Simply open the chamber and place the bagged item inside. Once the lid is shut, the vacuum sealing cycle will begin, and runs automatically. 
  • Food Variety – Chamber vacuum sealers work by applying pressure inside the chamber to evenly evacuate excess air from the packaging, without the need for suction. For this reason these chamber machines work great for items that are large or irregularly shaped, and they can easily vacuum seal products that are liquidos or powdered with accidentally vacuuming out products. 
  • Multi Product Use –  In addition to being a great packaging option for food products, chamber vacuum sealers can also be used to package medical tools, electronics, parts, and other consumer goods that need vacuum sealing.

Need More Info on Chamber Vacuum Sealers For Food?

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