What is the Difference Between a Chamber Vacuum Machine and a Nozzle Vacuum Packaging Machine?

Posted by AMAC

Vacuum sealing is a superior option for packaging food and many other products. Aside from added shelf life, vacuum sealing can keep a product free from contaminants, control moisture, and provide cushioning as added protection. Two of the most common types of vacuum sealing machines are the nozzle sealer and the chamber sealer.  Both the Nozzle Sealer and Chamber Sealer can vacuum seal a package with a product and deliver the same results, but each machine type will offer a number of unique benefits depending upon the production line requirements. As a manufacturer, it is important to discover the difference between a chamber vacuum machine and a nozzle vacuum packaging machine. When comparing the chamber vs nozzle vacuum packaging machine you should look at the things they have in common as well as their differences. Below we outline the details of their similarities and differences.

Chamber vs Nozzle Vacuum Packaging Machine

  • Both chamber and nozzle machines deliver superior seals.
  • Both can be used for commercial and industrial packaging.
  • Nozzle sealing machine deliver a faster vacuum cycle.
  • Most Nozzle Vacuum Sealers are foot pedal operated giving the operator more control over the bag during processing.
  • Nozzle machines have no moving parts and do not require regular maintenance.
  • Some chamber machines have the ability to seal multiple items at once using just one operator while nozzle may require more than one operator to do the same.
  • Chamber sealing machines can deliver a greater vacuum percentage compared with nozzle type sealers
  • Chamber sealing machines require little to no user action once the cycle has started.
  • Nozzle machines typically require a separate compressed air source for the vacuum seal.
  • Nozzle machine operators may be required to hold and manipulate a product for processing.
  • Nozzle machines are not a good choice for packaging powders. Powder can get trapped in the air hose assemblies and negatively affect the operation of the machine and seal.
  • Chamber machines are typically more expensive than conventional nozzle sealers.
  • Some chamber machines are heavier and more difficult to place or move in a manufacturing setting.

Still Trying to Decide? – Chamber vs Nozzle Vacuum Packaging Machine

If you have been considering adding a vacuum sealing machine to your manufacturing process you should talk with a professional. Getting a machine that will work best in your environment and meet current needs as well as future can be tricky. Our staff at AMAC Technologies can help you choose equipment that meets your specific needs while remaining affordable. Contact us today to learn more about the many options available.