Cannabis Packaging Machines

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Cannabis packaging machines are becoming more mainstream and essential as the cannabis industry continues to grow. Cannabis is becoming normalized for medical use in the United States and suppliers are looking for equipment that can help them keep up with demand. Cannabis packaging machines will transform your packaging process by increasing output while reducing labor cost and production time. Not only will automated cannabis packaging equipment help to save time and money, but it will help to protect your products and lock in freshness. This packaging will ensure your cannabis products are protected and ready to use upon arrival. If you are a manufacturer who packages cannabis products for legal sale and shipping, cannabis packaging machines will help to transform your packaging process for the better. 

Benefits of Using Cannabis Packaging Machines:

  • Vacuum Sealing – Using cannabis packaging machines will allow you to fill bags, pouches, and laminates with your products and vacuum seal to finish. Vacuum sealing removes excess oxygen from the packaging, locking in freshness and preventing your products from being exposed to damaging elements. This will help prevent loss of product and ensure quality.
  • Speed – Our automated machinery for cannabis packaging can feed, open, fill, and seal 60 packages in one minute, with up to 2.2lbs of product. 
  • Cost Effective –  Automated packaging machinery helps to reduce labor costs in several ways. This automated machinery handles the entire packaging process, start to finish, meaning there is no need for manual labor. This equipment also increases output, reduces production time, and reduces liability and risk of injury that comes with manual labor. 


Need To Find Cannabis Packaging Machines?

If you are interested in using cannabis packaging machines in your facility, AMAC Technologies can help. AMAC Technologies is a cutting edge provider of manufacturing equipment that will help you find the best packaging machines for your needs. Contact us today to get in touch with our packaging specialists and get started!