Best Cannabis Packaging Equipment For Commercial Use

Posted by Chela Mancuso

Cannabis packaging equipment is in high demand as the medical marjuana and hemp industries continue to grow. It is important that producers and packaging facilities find cannabis packaging equipment that will keep up with  demand and protect and preserve the products. For this reason, commercial grade vacuum sealing machines are a preferred method of packaging cannabis and hemp products. Vacuum sealing offers benefits like airtight packaging to lock in freshness, hands free processing, durable pouches to protect goods, high speed production, and affordability. If you need help finding the best cannabis packaging equipment for your needs, AMAC Technologies can help. 

Benefits of AMAC Technologies Cannabis Packaging Equipment:

  • Large Selection Of Machinery – AMAC Technologies offers a wide variety of different vacuum packaging systems for cannabis packaging, from small table top sealers to large, fully automated packaging systems. This includes pouch filling machines, FFS machinery, nozzle vacuum sealers, and more. 
  • Efficacy – AMAC Technologies cannabis packaging equipment is fast and efficient, with semi automatic and automatic systems packaging at speeds of 60 units per minute. 
  • Protective Packaging – One of the primary reasons vacuum sealing is used in cannabis packaging is because of its ability to protect the quality of the product. Not only do vacuum sealed packages protect contents from the elements during transportation and storage, but they also lock in freshness by removing excess oxygen from packaging. This protects the overall quality of your goods so products stay fresh and are ready to use when opened. 
  • Affordability –The use of automatic cannabis packaging equipment, reduces labor costs, and takes the burden of manual packaging off employees, resulting in a more efficient and affordable packaging process. 

Want To Learn More About Cannabis and Hemp Packaging?

If you need help finding the best cannabis packaging equipment for your facility, contact AMAC Technologies here! AMAC Technologies has over 40 years of experience in providing cutting edge packaging solutions. Call today to speak with a specialist and learn more!