Can Sleeving Machine For Craft Breweries 

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What Is A Can Sleeving Machine?

A can sleeving machine, known in the manufacturing equipment industry as a heat shrink labeling machine, is used to apply shrink sleeves to cans, bottles, twin packs, and multipacks across industries. Most consumer products that you see on the shelves at supermarkets and big box stores are packaged or labeled with the use of a heat shrink labeler, and this packaging method has become increasingly popular in the wine and spirits industry in recent years. 

Why Is Shrink Labeling Ideal For Craft Breweries?

The use of automated heat shrink labeling equipment is ideal for breweries and bottle shops because these machines can quickly apply shrink sleeves to various sizes and styles of bottles, with seamless change over from one product to the next, with no need for hands-on packaging methods. Using a can sleeving machine also helps to increase production speeds to help your business keep up with demand without burdening employees with tedious packaging tasks. 

Many brands in the beverage industry from small microbreweries and wineries to large-scale beverage manufacturers use heat shrink labeling equipment because it provides benefits including high-speed production, cost-saving packaging techniques, packaging versatility, and reliability. If you want to find a cutting-edge can and bottle sleeving machine that can provide all of these benefits and more, AMAC Technologies can help. AMAC Technologies has been a leading provider of cutting-edge packaging equipment for over 40 years. Their extensive line of heat shrink labeling systems and heat tunnels includes everything from cost-effective, small footprint machines for small stores and warehouses, to large-scale packaging and manufacturing facilities. 

Benefits of AMAC Technologies’ Heat Shrink Labeling Machines

  • Speed – AMAC Technologies offers automated heat shrink labelers that operate at speeds of 60, 150, and 300 units per minute to accommodate breweries and packaging facilities of all sizes. 
  • Cost Effective – Automated packaging and labeling equipment reduces your need for manual labor and increases production speeds, making the packaging process more affordable and efficient. AMAC Technologies also offers several different models at different price points and financing options to best first your budget.  
  • Versatile – In addition to beer, wine, and spirits, these heat shrink labelers can also be used to apply shrink sleeves to food products, home goods, candles, jars, multi-packs, twin packs, and most other consumer goods. 
  • Reliable – The sturdy stainless steel construction, innovative cantilever design, and easy-to-use touch screen controls make these machines user-friendly and highly reliable. 

Want To Learn More About Shrink Sleeve Applicators For Cans and Bottles?

If you want to speak with knowledgeable professionals who can help you find the best shrink labeling solutions for your needs, Contact AMAC Technologies! John Yamasaki of AMAC Technologies is a pioneer in heat shrink labeling technology with over 40 years of experience and knowledge to share and help you find the best equipment for your applications.