Automated Vacuum Sealing Offers the Best Block Cheese Packaging Solution

Posted by AMAC

If your cheese shop hasn’t discovered vacuum sealing, then you are in for a wonderful surprise. Vacuum sealing is the perfect packaging method for cheese. The vacuum sealing process removes air from packaging thus preventing bacteria from growing. By preventing bacteria growth, cheese stays fresher longer. A typical block of cheese generally lasts between one to two weeks when packaged in ordinary bags and containers, but vacuum sealing extends that length to between four and eight months.

How Hard is it to Use a Vacuum Sealer in a Cheese Manufacturing Facility?

The best part about vacuum sealing is how simple it is to use. A typical chamber vacuum sealer can be set up and running in less than a day’s time. The numerous machine size offerings make it ideal for any manufacturing space. Our small table top machines require a small table space while our mobile machines leave a small footprint and can me moved from one area of your facility to another, or allowing the machine to be put away or set aside when not in use.

Our automated machines are a bit more time consuming for set up and may take up a bit more space, but their benefits far outweigh their footprint. New to the U.S., these high velocity block cheese packaging machines help cheese manufacturers deliver increased production at affordable prices. Automated packaging machines will increase production speed and bring efficiency to any meat processing facility.

Benefits of High Velocity Block Cheese Packaging Machines

Automated vacuum sealing machines bring a consistency to your packaging facility. Along with increase production, product integrity is improved.  Oxygen is necessary for bacteria to develop within any package, so by removing oxygen from the package, vacuum sealing improves the integrity of the product, increases the shelf life and delivers a consistent packaging result. A few more advantages include exceptional product appearance, more efficient packaging, improved freshness, food safety and overall quality of product. This faster processing of cheese will free your employees up to work on more important tasks within your facility.

Looking for a Great Block Cheese Packaging Option that will Increase Production?

AMAC Technologies has the experience to make sure you select the right block cheese packaging machine for retail. We have numerous vacuum sealers including our new automated line and can explain the benefits of each. Please call us to discuss options, or fill out our contact form to get more information today!