Big Bag Vacuum Packaging Machine For Food

Posted by Joe Mancuso

If you are looking for a big bag vacuum packaging machine for your manufactured food products, AMAC Technologies can help. Packaging large amounts of food products like flour, protein powder, snacks, or even liquid food products can be made easy and hands free with the use of an automated, big bag vacuum packaging machine. The use of automated, vacuum packaging technology also provides many benefits including extended shelf life, increased productivity, lowered labor costs, and waste prevention. If your manufacturing business produces large quantities of food products, and you are looking for an easy to use, cost effective packaging solution, AMAC Technologies can help you find the right big bag packaging machine for your needs.

Benefits of A Big Bag Vacuum Packaging Machine:

  • Affordable –  One of the biggest benefits of using an automated big bag packaging machine is the lowered production cost. As these systems are totally automated, with the ability to handle the packaging process from start to finish, with little to no manual intervention, this allows the manufacturer to reduce labor costs. This results in dramatically less time, money, and energy being spent on the packaging process.
  • Fast – Automated vacuum packaging machines are not only more affordable than manual labor, but also much quicker. AMAC Technologies produces several automated bag filling machines that have the ability to pack and seal up to 60 units per minute.
  • Extended Shelf Life – Another added benefit that helps to save money and prevent waste, is the fact that vacuum sealing can extend shelf life considerably. Vacuum sealing removes oxygen from the packaging, locking in freshness, and preventing exposure to contaminants that can cause the product to spoil and be wasted.

Need More Info on Big Bag Vacuum Packaging Machines?

If you are looking to learn more about using a big bag vacuuming machine for your manufacturing business, contact AMAC Technologies here. AMAC Technologies and their team of vacuum packaging specialists will work closely with you to help find the best vacuum packaging solution for your needs.