Best Vacuum Food Sealer To Extend Shelf Life

Posted by Joe Mancuso

If you are looking for the best vacuum food sealer for your manufactured food products, including meat and fish, AMAC Technologies can help. Vacuum sealing provides many benefits to food manufactures, including extended shelf life and waste prevention. However, it can be difficult to package large or irregular shaped products, such as meats, without the best vacuum food sealer for your particular needs. AMAC Technologies produces several different types of automatic vacuum food sealing systems that can package these products, large, small, liquid, or solid with ease. In addition to automating your packaging system and removing the burden of manual labor from your employees, these systems are also very efficient and cost effective, resulting in lowered overhead and increased productivity. If you are looking to update your food manufacturing process with the best vacuum food sealer to extend shelf life of your products, AMAC Technologies is ready to help.

Benefits of Vacuum Food Sealers

  • Extended Shelf Life – Vacuum sealing protects food from exposure and contamination that cause spoilage. This helps to extend the overall shelf life and prevent waste. 
  • Large Item Packaging – AMAC Technologies’ supplies vacuum food sealers that can easily cut packaging to fit large and irregular shapes. These systems process 8”-20” c fold film allowing for easy vacuum sealing of large food products like chickens, fish, or blocks of cheese.
  • Liquid Packaging – Also available are pouch filling, vacuum sealers that can easily fill pre-made pouches with up to 2.2lbs of liquid products.
  • Speed – All of these automated systems can perform at high speeds, vastly exceeding the capabilities of manual technique. These systems can easily package up to 60 vacuum sealed units per minute. 

Need to find the best vacuum food sealer for your products?

If you are looking for a cost effective vacuum food sealer that will extend shelf life, protect your products, and speed up production, contact AMAC Technologies today! AMAC Technologies is on the cutting edge of manufacturing, providing top of the line equipment to transform the manufacturing process. Speak with one of our specialists today to find the best vacuum food sealer for your needs!