What Is The Best Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer For Electronic Components? 

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What are the best commercial grade vacuum sealers for electronic components? Electronic components like silicon wafers and microchips are delicate and must be packaged appropriately to prevent damage during shipping, handling, and storage. It is also important that commercial manufacturers are using high speed sealing and packaging equipment that can keep up with demand and provide a cost effective packaging solution for their products. For this reason, many manufacturers consider the best commercial grade vacuum sealer option is a fully automated, hands free, vacuum packaging system.

Why is full automation preferred? Fully automated vacuum sealers are the go-to packaging method for commercial manufacturers for a few reasons:

  1.  Product Protection: Vacuum packaging provides an airtight seal that effectively protects delicate products like electronic components from elements like moisture, dust, and other contaminants that could cause damage to the product.
  2. Speed: Automated commercial vacuum sealers are fast. Many automated systems can pack and seal 60 units in just one minute. This is particularly helpful for commercial manufacturers who produce in large volumes. This speed allows for output requirements to be met in a fraction of the time it would take to manually package these products, without burdening your employees with tedious manual labor.
  3. Cost Effective: Automated vacuum machinery is incredibly cost effective. Investing in high speed, hands free vacuum sealing equipment makes it possible for manufacturers to significantly reduce labor costs. Full automation allows for completely hands free packaging. Sophisticated vacuum sealers, like those from AMAC Technologies, have the ability to feed, open, fill, and vacuum seal 60 packages per minute with no need for manual intervention. Over time your investment will pay for itself by increasing output speed, reducing labor costs, and making your packaging process overall more affordable. 
  4. Safety: Not only is hands free equipment much safer for your facility as it eliminates the possibility of employees sustaining injuries that can occur with repetitive motion in manual packaging but commercial packaging systems are also equipped with alarm systems to alert you if an error occurs. Should a package not properly open, feed, fill, or seal, the equipment will stop its production to prevent further error and sound an alarm to make you aware of the issue.

Need Help Finding The Best Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer For Your Facility?

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