What Are The Benefits Of Vacuum Packaging For Both Food And Non-Food Items?

Posted by Chela Mancuso

Vacuum packaging has become one of the most popular methods of preserving both food and non-food items in the manufacturing industry. This is likely because there are numerous ways to utilize the benefits of vacuum packaging. The vacuum packaging process involves removing air from the packaging, which helps to extend the shelf life of the product, prevent any spoiling or contamination interference, and maintain its quality. One of the most significant benefits of vacuum packaging food is that it helps to keep it fresh for a longer period of time, and in turn, this saves the manufacturers money. This is because the process of vacuum sealing removes the air from the package which does not allow bacteria or other contaminants to interfere with the product. Another key benefit of vacuum packaging is that vacuum sealing also helps to prevent freezer burn in any type of frozen food items like fish, meat, or dairy. However, vacuum packaging is not just beneficial for food! It can also be used to package a wide range of non-food items. For example, vacuum packaging is commonly used to protect and pack electronic components, medical equipment, automotive parts, and other sensitive items. Overall, vacuum packaging is a great tool for manufacturers to take advantage of because of its affordability, its ease of use and automation options, and the benefits that it provides to keeping packaged items, whether they’re food or not, safe. 

What Are The Different Types Of Vacuum Sealers?

At AMAC Technologies, we offer a wide variety of vacuum sealing machines and options. Each machine has benefits that are unique to each specific industry, and a trusted expert at AMAC Technologies will be able to help you decide which option is right for your packaging needs. Some of the most common types of vacuum sealers include chamber vacuum sealers, thermoforming, nozzle sealers also known as snorkel vacuum sealers, rotary vacuum sealers, and FFS (form, fill, seal) vacuum sealers.

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Chamber vacuum sealers are a popular type of vacuum sealer, commonly used in commercial kitchens and food processing plants. They work by placing the product to be sealed in a vacuum bag, which is then placed inside a chamber. The air is then removed from the chamber, which creates a vacuum, and the bag is sealed.


Thermoforming is another type of vacuum sealer commonly used in the food industry. It involves heating a sheet of plastic until it becomes pliable and then shaping it into a specific form. The product to be packaged is then placed in the formed plastic, and the air is removed and the package is sealed. Thermoforming is also beneficial in the electronics industry for shipping small, breakable products like silicon wafers. 

Nozzle Sealers

Nozzle sealers are commonly used for packaging liquids and powders. They work by creating a vacuum inside the package using a nozzle, which removes the air and seals the package. These sealers also go by the name “snorkel vacuum sealers.”

Rotary Vacuum Sealers

Rotary vacuum sealers are commonly used in high-volume production settings. They work by sealing products into preformed pouches,  in a continuous rotary motion, which increases manufacturing efficiency and saves money for manufacturers in the long run!

FFS Vacuum Sealers

Form-fill-seal (FFS) vacuum sealers are a type of vacuum sealer commonly used in the food industry. They work by forming the packaging material, filling it with the product, and then sealing it in a single continuous process. FFS vacuum sealers are great for packaging large, irregularly shaped items, especially those in the food industry like pieces of meat, fish, or large blocks of cheese. 

Do You Want To Learn More About The Benefits of Vacuum Packaging?

Vacuum packaging has revolutionized the packaging and manufacturing industries by providing high-quality, high speed, affordable packaging solutions for countless products, across industires. If you’d like to find the best vacuum packaging solution for your facility, get in touch with AMAC Technologies today! Our dedicated team has over 40 years of experience to help you find packaging machinery that is designed to save time and money. Call or contact us today to get started!