Beer Can Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Posted by Joe Mancuso

A beer can shrink sleeve applicator is  necessary for fast and easy application of shrink labels for craft beer cans. The craft beer industry is booming, and shrink sleeves have become a very popular method of branding and labeling canned beverages. Shrink sleeves are highly sought after because they are easy to customize, affordable, and easy to apply with the right beer can shrink sleeve applicator. If you are looking for an affordable heat shrink labeler that can be used for beer cans, both individual and multi packs, in addition to a wide variety of other consumer goods, AMAC Technologies can help. AMAC Technologies’ ALS-300 heat shrink labeler is the most affordable, commercial heat shrink labeler of it’s class that will bring speed and efficiency to your packaging process.

Benefits of The ASL-300 Shrink Labeler:

  • Variety – In addition to beer cans, the ASL-300 can be used to apply shrink sleeves to products of all shapes and sizes, across industries, that require heat shrink labeling. Cosmetics, food products, supplements, medications, home goods, and more can all be labeled using heat shrink technology. This style of packaging is also great for twin and multi packs, which is very popular in the beer industry.
  • Neck Banding – The ASL-300 can also be used to apply tamper evident neck banding. This process is often used for bottled products such as drinks, medications, mouth washes, and other bottled goods. Tamper evident neck banding provides a seal around the neck of the bottle that will need to be broken to open. This provides an added level of safety to your customers.   
  • Speed – The ASL-300 has a sturdy and efficient design featuring servo motors and stainless steel construction. The ASL-300 can automatically apply shrink sleeves to a variety of different products at speeds of 300 BPM. 

Need A Beer Can Shrink Sleeve Applicator?

If you need a beer can shrink sleeve applicator for a micro brewery or large manufacturing plant, AMAC Technologies can help. Contact AMAC Technologies here to speak with a packaging specialist and find the perfect packaging solution for your needs!