Commercial Automotive Packaging Equipment

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What is the best automotive packaging equipment for commercial manufacturers?

Automotive packaging is largely accomplished with the use of automated vacuum packaging equipment. The reason so many manufacturers of car parts choose automated vacuum sealers is because these systems can operate hands-free and at high speeds. This in turn will reduce labor costs and speed up production to make the packaging process more efficient and affordable. Vacuum sealed pouches and laminates also provide top of the line protection for products like car parts. Vacuum sealing eliminates excess oxygen from the package, provides durable protection, and an air tight seal to lock out damaging contaminants like moisture and debris that products could come in contact with during shipping, handling, and storage. 

What type of commercial vacuum sealer works best for car parts and automotive tools?

There are many different types of vacuum sealing systems including nozzle sealers, pouch filling machines, tabletop vacuum sealers, and so much more, but the best style of vacuum packaging equipment for large car parts and tools is an FFS vacuum sealer. FFS stands for form, fill, and seal. FFS vacuum sealers use auto-sensing technology to determine the size and shape of each item and then cuts c-fold film to fit the exact dimensions of the items you are packaging. These custom cut packages are then sealed shut, removing excess oxygen and creating an airtight seal to protect your products. 

FFS machines are the best option for automotive parts and tools when compared to pouch and bag filling machines because they can better accommodate large items and irregular shapes while still providing the same durability and protection as standard vacuum sealed pouches. However, the best way to determine the right machinery for your facility is to talk to knowledgeable vacuum packaging experts. 

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