Automotive Packaging Solutions: What Is the Best Packaging Equipment For Automotive Parts?

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What is The Fastest and Most Affordable Way To Package Automotive Parts and Tools?

One of the most sought-after automotive packaging solutions is automated vacuum sealing machines. Automated vacuum sealers not only provide protective packaging for car parts and tools, but the use of these machines also helps to cut costs and speed up production. Most automated vacuum sealers can operate hands free, which reduces or eliminates the need for manual labor. And a fully automated machine, like the systems from AMAC Technologies, also packs and seals items much faster than manual packaging methods. 

Why Is Vacuum Sealed Packaging Preferd To Other Packaging Styles?

In addition to increased speed and efficiency, vacuum sealed packages provide unmatched protection for the products sealed in them. Vacuum sealing removes excess oxygen from packaging and creates an air tight seal that locks out damaging elements like moisture and debris that can cause parts to rust or become unusable. 

Another benefit of using automated vacuum packaging systems for automotive parts is the versatility of the packaging they provide. Pouch filling vacuum sealers can be used to fill pre-formed bags, pouches, and laminates with smaller parts and vacuum seal them for shipping and storage. However, there are also vacuum packaging solutions for larger car parts that won’t fit into standard packaging. 

AMAC Technologies produces a line of FFS (form fill seal) vacuum packaging systems that are designed to provide vacuum packaging for large and irregularly shaped items.  These machines use autosensing technology to detect the size and shape of each item. This information is then used to cut c-fold film to fit the exact dimension of the product. Then the film is sealed around the product to provide the same protective packaging as traditional vacuum packaging systems that use standard size bags and pouches.  

If you are looking for automotive packaging solutions for your business or manufacturing facility, the vacuum packaging experts at AMAC Technologies are here to help you find the best packaging machinery for your needs. 

Want To Learn More About Automotive Packaging Solutions?

If you would like to speak with packaging experts about your options for automotive packaging, contact AMAC Technologies here.  AMAC Technologies is a leading authority in vacuum packaging equipment with over 40 years of experience in providing cutting edge packaging equipment that is designed to save time and money. Call today to speak with a vacuum packaging specialist and take our packaging process to the next level.