What Can Automatic Vacuum Sealing Machines Do for Seafood?

Posted by AMAC

Seafood is a finicky food that easily spoils or becomes contaminated if not handled appropriately. It must be kept within a specific temperature range, often has special thawing requirements, and can easily develop harmful bacteria. Because of these circumstances, many companies choose to vacuum seal these products to ensure quality and safety. Automatic vacuum sealing machines deliver the same benefits as manual designs; however, they remove the risk of human error by handling this task without intervention. Regardless of the chosen machine, packaging of seafood is more challenging than other products in the food industry. The largest concerns are the development of harmful bacteria and cross contamination. A few of the challenges include:

  • Keeping the Packaging Area Clean
  • Maintaining Appropriate Temperatures
  • Achieving Dependable Seals to Avoid Contamination
  • Management of Proper Environmental Conditions

With seafood, a number of factors may potentially decrease quality or encourage the development of harmful bacteria. This includes a bad seal allowing liquid from one bag to get all over the equipment or another package. Contamination of other packages or the packaging area can be detrimental. If the machinery or packing environment does not foster the appropriate conditions, the product will be ruined.

The Benefits of Reliable Sealing Equipment

Automatic vacuum sealing machines promote proper handling, reliable seals, and consistent workflow to help protect seafood during packaging. Vacuum sealing increases the shelf life of a product since it removes oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for bacteria to develop within a package. Removing it from the equation is just one benefit received by using a reliable, high-quality machine to package your seafood. Here are a few more advantages received from this packaging option:

  • Exceptional Product Appearance
  • Consistent Packaging Results
  • Increased Packing Process Efficiency
  • Maintained Freshness and Quality
  • Faster Processing of Seafood
  • Dependable Food Safety Management

Alternative packing options such as cans have size and shape limitations which make it difficult to accommodate products of varying sizes. Vacuum sealing removes this limitation because it is possible to use different sized bags for each individual product line. These are just a few of the benefits received from this type of equipment.

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