Why Should a Co-Packers Invest in Automatic Vacuum Sealers?

Posted by AMAC

Co-packers solve so many problems for food manufacturers. For a small premium they relieve manufacturers from all the difficulties that go along with food packaging. Packaging requirements are constantly changing in the food industry, so co-packers need to be on top of all regulations. They also need to keep abreast of the latest packaging trends, labeling requirements, packaging material and so much more. While balancing all this a co-packer needs to keep costs in line. Once guaranteed way of doing this is by adding automation to the packaging process. Some of the best automated packaging machines available are automatic vacuum sealers.


Benefits of Automatic Vacuum Sealers

The obvious and major benefit of automatic vacuum sealers is the increased production, but there are many other benefits that a co-packer will realize:

  • No Excess Waste
  • Consistent Product Appearance
  • Improved Product Handling
  • Sanitary Packing Process
  • Minimal Risk of Contamination
  • Reliable Packing and Sealing



Advantages of Using a Co-Packer for the Manufacturing Processes

Working with a co-packer can prove to be absolutely invaluable to a food manufacture. Co-packers solve issues such as labor-shortage problems within the manufacturing facility. They can also be used to supplement your current labor requirements but often at a lower This choice allows companies to actively compete with the fast turn-around consumers have come to expect thanks to drone deliveries and additional services now offered by larger providers. Their services offer benefits such as:

  • Reduced Investment Costs
  • Access to High-End Equipment
  • Environmentally Safe Practices
  • Faster Output and Efficiency
  • Ability to Adapt to Change

Looking for Automatic Vacuum Sealers?

If you are a co-packer or manufacturer seeking automatic vacuum sealers for improved production, we can help by with our state of the art, automated equipment solutions. Contact us today to learn more!