Automatic Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machines For Cans and Bottles

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What is the best way to package and label cans and bottles?

Automatic shrink sleeve applicator machines are the ideal packaging solution for times like wine bottles, craft beer cans, soda bottles and other food and beverage items that are canned and bottled. As a manufacturer or provider of bottled and canned consumer goods, you are probably familiar with the concept of labeling items with shrink sleeves, either because you are currently using this form of packaging or because you are looking to implement shrink sleeve labeling in your packaging process. Shrink labeling has become the go-to method for packaging products like hot sauces, craft beer, wine & spirits, food items, and even home-goods like candles and personal items like makeup and body wash. The reason so many manufacturers are turning to shrink labeling is because using automatic shrink sleeve applicators provides benefits like reduced labor cost and fast production speeds, among others. 

What are the benefits of packaging your items with automatic shrink sleeve applicator machines?

As mentioned above, shrink sleeves can be used to package most consumer products across industries, but they are particularly beneficial for cans and bottles. The reason shrink labeling is ideal for bottles is that shrink sleeves provide eye-catching labels with custom designs and branding, tamper-evident seals, the ability to provide bulk, multipacks, and the application of these labels is incredibly efficient. 

  • Eye-Catching Labels – shrink sleeves themselves can be custom printed to feature brand colors, logos, and other design elements, making your product easily recognizable to shoppers. 
  • Tamper Evident – In addition, to easily applying labels, you can use a shrink sleeve applicator like the ASL-300 from AMAC Technologies, to also apply tamper-evident neckbands. These perforated sleeves are applied to the necks of bottles like wine, soda, or sauces to show shoppers that the item they are purchasing has not been opened before.
  • Multipack Packaging – The use of a shrink sleeve applicator makes creating multipacks easy. Much like how a shrink sleeve can be placed around one item and then shrunk down to size, shrink sleeves can also be made to package multiple items together to create bundles or bulk packages.  
  • Efficient – An automatic shrink sleeve labeler is very easy to use, requiring little to no hands-on assistance to operate. The use of automation allows you to apply shrink sleeves to your items at a speed of 300 bpm, allowing you to increase your production speeds and reduce the need for hands-on, manual labor. 

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What To Learn More About Shrink Sleeve Applicators?

If you are interested in using shrink sleeve labelers in your facility and need help finding the right equipment for your applications, contact AMAC Technologies! AMAC Technologies’ John Yamasaki is a pioneer in shrink labeling who has over 40 years of knowledge and experience to help you find the right packaging equipment to properly pack your items and keep up with the demand of your facility. If you would like the guidance of experts who will provide you with cutting-edge manufacturing equipment designs to help you save time and money, AMAC Technologies can help. Call today at (714) 299-5899 or submit a form online to learn more!