Automatic Pouch Vacuum Packaging Machine for Liquid and Solid Foods

Posted by AMAC

If you are in need of an automatic pouch vacuum packaging machine that can handle both liquid and solid food items, AMAC Technologies offers vertical and horizontal form fit seal technology that can expedite your packaging process. AMAC Technologies’ automated FFS machines work great for dry foods, liquids, and viscous food products, that are best stored in bags and pouches for shipping and storage. The FFS machines are fully automated and process durable bags, pouches, and laminates that can hold up to 2.2 lbs of product per bag. Automated FFS machinery is fast, efficient, and makes cumbersome manual packaging a worry of the past. AMAC Technologies’ FFS machines are designed to help you increase output as well as save time and money, all while packing your food items into durable, high quality packaging that will keep your products safe during shipping and storage.

Benefits of Packaging Food Products with FFS Machines

  • Extended Shelf Life – Vacuum sealing perishable goods into airtight pouches helps to protect the food from contaminants that cause spoil. This extends shelf life and helps to reduce waste and loss.
  • Speed and Efficiency – FFS Machines have the ability to complete 60 units in 1 minute. This produces more units in a shorter amount of time than manual packing, and eliminates the burden of hand packaging from your employees.
  • Versatility – Food items like granola, veggies, fruits, ketchup, broths, oils, and so much more can be safely packaged with the use of AMAC Technologies’ FFS machines. Whether solid, powder, or liquid, these machines can easily package your food items into bags and pouches.

Shopping for an Automatic Pouch Vacuum Packaging Machine?

AMAC Technologies produces an extensive line of industrial machinery, including FFS machines, that are designed to help your business save time and money, while increasing production and efficiency. To learn more about automatic pouch vacuum packaging machines and AMAC Technologies, contact us today!