Automatic Pouch Filling and Sealing Machine

Posted by Joe Mancuso

An automatic pouch filling and sealing machine is perfect for manufacturing facilities who are looking to automate their packaging process, increase production speed, and reduce overhead costs. Automated pouch filling machines provide several benefits, including the ability to be used for a variety of products. AMAC Technologies RF-8200 pouch filling machine can be used with both liquid and solid goods. Commonly used for snacks and food products, these pouch filling machines can also be used for items like protein powders, cooking oils, medical tools, small components, electronics, or any other product that is best stored in vacuum sealed pouches. With the ability to automatically fill and seal premade pouches with up to 2.2 lbs of product, the sky is the limit with this automatic system. Finally, an automatic pouching filling machine will dramatically increase production speed and eliminate the need for manual packaging, taking your production process to the next level. If you are looking for an automatic pouch filling and sealing machine that can do all of this and more, AMAC Technologies can help!

Benefits of AMAC Technologies RF-8200

  • Speed – The RF-8200 can pack and seal at speeds of 60 units per minute, vastly outperforming manual and hand packaging methods. This will allow for a dramatic increase in output and production speed. 
  • Automation – This automatic pouch filling and sealing machine is fully automated. This means that the RF-8200 can feed, open, fill, and vacuum seal, completely hands free. 
  • Affordability – As the RF-8200 can handle your packaging process from start to finish, with no necessary hands on contact. This allows for significantly reduced labor costs.  

Need An Automatic Pouch Filling And Sealing Machine? 

If you are interested in an automatic pouch filling and sealing machine for your facility, contact AMAC Technologies here! AMAC Technologies and their dedicated team of packaging specialists are ready to help you find the perfect packaging solutions for your needs. Call today to learn more!