Automatic Loading Vacuum Systems for Your Manufacturing Facility

Posted by AMAC

The ability to automate processes within a manufacturing facility offers several advantages to any business. Automatic loading vacuum systems make it possible to automate packaging processes within your facility for increased efficiency. These systems are available in different designs, which determine how much of the process is mechanized.

Automatic loading vacuum systems are a fully automated solution that is able to pick up the bags, load the product, complete the seal, and then discharge it accordingly. Alternative solutions may not perform the bag preparation and loading steps of the process. Auto loading vacuum systems remove the need to have someone manually perform every action to package your product.

This dependable packaging approach allows the process to be standardized within a manufacturing facility for improved results. It eliminates the need to have additional labor on the line, improves productivity, and reduces the chance of error. Automatic loading vacuum systems create opportunities to reduce costs without jeopardizing product quality.

How Do Automatic Loading Vacuum Systems Work?

Automated equipment provides a way to replace repetitive labor stations with machines capable of performing the same action. This is advantageous to any manufacturing facility, because it helps to improve their bottom line while delivering more to the customer. Automatic loading vacuum systems can perform the following depending on the design:

  • Bag Preparation – The bag is picked up, opened, and placed in the filling area.
  • Filling – The bag is loaded via a filling shoot or other mechanism without intervention.
  • Sealing – The bag is placed in the chamber and sealed on its own.

These machines often have an in line or continuous design where each step is completed congruently. After one action is completed the bag moves down the line to the next station. Once the bag has been sealed, it is discharged on the other side of the machine.

AMAC Technologies is a provider of line conveyor and continuous belt automatic loading vacuum systems. Both offer many benefits to manufacturing facilities including a stainless steel, hygienic design and automatic washing features. Our equipment is designed to meet the needs of diverse manufacturing facilities. To learn more, contact our team today!