Craft Brewers’ Favorite Automatic Labeling Machine For Bottles and Cans

Posted by Chela Mancuso

Craft Brewers’ Favorite Automatic Labeling Machine For Bottles

The world of craft brewing has become competitive. Because of this, attention to detail and branding are essential for success. Labeling cans and bottles with professionally branded materials is one of the best ways for craft brewers to stand out and create recognizable products. While manual labeling can be time-consuming and can involve human errors, craft and microbrewers have found a reliable solution with the ASL-100 heat shrink sleeve labeler from AMAC Technologies. With its exceptional features, the ASL-100 has become the preferred automatic labeling machine for bottles within the craft brewing community. Not only is the ASL-100 cost effective, but it has exceptional labeling speeds, a compact design, full automation, and robust construction. 

Benefits of The ALS-100 Automatic Labeling Machine For Bottles and Cans

  • High-Speed Labeling. One of the most remarkable features of the ASL-100 is its ability to label up to 80 bottles or cans per minute. Craft breweries, microbreweries, and even bottle shops often operate on small to medium scales, and their production lines need equipment that can keep up with their output without breaking the bank. The ASL-100’s labeling speeds are impressive and allow brewers to meet increasing demands without compromising quality or using up manual labor. This rapid labeling capability significantly reduces the time required to label each product, enabling brewers to focus on other more important aspects of their business. 
  • Small Footprint. Space is often a constraint for craft breweries that operate in limited facilities. The ASL-100’s compact, durable design makes it a perfect fit for such environments. Its small footprint allows brewers to optimize their floor space, ensuring that their production area is both efficient and completely utilized. This aspect is particularly valuable for craft brewers who may have multiple machines and equipment within their facility. The ASL-100’s space-saving design provides flexibility and convenience, accommodating the unique layout and constraints of craft brewing operations.
  • Full Automation. Craft brewers understand the importance of streamlining their processes to increase productivity and output. The ASL-100 offers a fully automated labeling solution, minimizing the need for manual intervention. The machine is designed to handle the entire labeling process, from sleeve application to shrinkage, without human assistance. Craft brewers can rely on this automatic functionality to maintain consistent label placement and minimize the risk of errors. The full automation of the ASL-100 ensures a seamless and reliable labeling process, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Affordability. For craft brewers, cost considerations are crucial. The ASL-100 provides an affordable automatic labeling solution that fits well within the budgets of small and medium-sized breweries. While automation is often associated with high costs, AMAC Technologies prides itself on offering top-of-the-line equipment that is also affordable for any type of operation. This machine offers craft brewers access to advanced labeling technology at a competitive price, allowing them to invest in equipment that enhances their branding and production capabilities without breaking the bank.

Want To Learn More About How You Can Transform Your Beer Labeling Process With AMAC Technologies?

Overall, in the world of craft brewing, creating a strong brand presence is essential for success. The ASL-100 heat shrink sleeve labeler from AMAC Technology is an exceptional automatic labeling machine for bottles, cans, and any type of container among craft and microbrewers. With its useful features such as high-speed labeling, compact design, full automation, and affordability, the ASL-100 offers a reliable and efficient solution for labeling bottles and cans. Whatever your needs may be, AMAC Technologies has you covered! With over 40 years of experience in the packaging and manufacturing industry, AMAC Technologies offers superior service and best-in-class machinery at an affordable price point. Our extensive team of educated professionals, led by John Yamasaki, is here to help at any step of the process. If you’re interested in an automatic labeling machine for bottles, get in touch with AMAC Technologies today!