Automatic Feed Systems for Product Packaging

Posted by AMAC

If your business manufactures or packages products that need to be vacuum sealed for shipping and storage, automatic feed systems for product packaging could greatly improve your packaging process. Ideal for packaging food products and small components, AMAC Technologies’ automatic feed systems for product packaging will handle your entire packaging process from beginning to end. With an automatic vacuum sealing system such as the RF-8200, you can eliminate the need for manual packaging as the system will open, fill, and vacuum seal your products with no need for intervention. Implementing the use of an automatic feed system will speed up your packaging process, cut down on labor costs, and take over the tedious tasks involved in product packaging, allowing your employees to focus on other important business aspects. If you are looking to make your packaging process more efficient and affordable, consider using an automatic feed system.

Benefits of Automatic Feed Vacuum Packaging Systems:

● Efficiency – Our automatic manufacturing systems are built for speed and efficiency. Auto feeding systems like the RF-8200 vacuum sealer can open, fill, and seal up to 60 packages per minute, producing more packaged units in a shorter amount of time than could be done by packaging manually.
● Durable Pouches – The vacuum sealed pouches, laminates and bags that are fed through these vacuum sealing systems are thick and durable, designed to protect your products during shipping and storage.
● Versatile – The RF-8200 can package both liquid and solid goods into pouches that will hold up to 2.2lbs of product. Anything from snack foods, powders, grains, broths, and much more can be packaged with this versatile system.

If you are looking to step up your packaging process, AMAC Technologies is here to help you find the best automatic packaging system for your needs. From small table top systems to large, fully automatic machinery for high production facilities, AMAC Technologies has you covered. Contact us today to learn more.