Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What is an automatic bottle labeling machine used for? A bottle labeler, or shrink labeler, is a piece of manufacturing machinery that is used to quickly apply shrink sleeves and neck banding. Shrink sleeves and neck bands are commonly used for products sold in bottles like beverages, nutraceuticals, vitamins, medicines, hot sauces, and much more. This form of packaging not only gives the manufacturer the ability to easily apply custom, eye catching labels, but also tamper evident neck bands. This style of labeling keeps your customers safe and informed. If you are in need of a bottle labeling machine that can do all of this and more, AMAC technologies can help!

Benefits Of AMAC Technologies’ Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine:

  • Fast – AMAC Technologies’ ASL-300 heat shrink labeler can apply up to 300 labels per minute to individual items and multi packs. This is the most efficient and affordable shrink labeler of it’s class that makes applying labels and neck bands to bottles and other consumer goods easy. 
  • Versatile – In addition to being a great option if you are in need of an automatic bottle labeling machine, the ASL-300 can also be used to apply shrink sleeves and neck bands to cosmetics, food goods, personal care items, cleaning products, and so much more. 
  • Efficient – The ASL-300 features a strong stainless steel construction, powerful servo motors, easy to use touch screen controls, and innovative cantilever system that allows for seamless changeover between items.

Want To Learn More About Shrink Labeling Machines?

If you need help finding the right automatic bottle labeling machine for your needs, contact AMAC Technologies here! AMAC Technologies and their team of experts have over 40 years of experience to help you find the best manufacturing equipment for your business. Call today to speak with a specialist and learn more!