Upgrade Manufacturing with an Automatic Bag Sealer

Posted by AMAC

If you are looking to take your manufacturing business to the next level, consider the use of an automatic bag sealer, to package your products in a more time effective manner. Two key components to success in the world of manufacturing are efficiency and productivity. When products can be automatically manufactured fast and efficiently, this yields higher production rates, meaning more products can be produced in less time. By expediting the production process, more of your employee’s work day can be spent focusing on integral tasks. Machines like automatic bag sealers, such as the RV-8200 – Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine, from AMAC Technologies, can greatly aid in speeding up your packaging process. This automatic bag sealer can fill and vacuum seal 60 bags per minute, making it a key piece of machinery to grow your business.


Automatic Bag Sealer Specs and Uses

  • The RV-8200- Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine works by intermittently rotating to fill each bag with product and then vacuum seal the pouch to finish, and can pack and seal up to 60 bags in one minute.
  • This fully automatic bag sealer can be used with flat pouches, stand-up pouches, gusseted bags and laminates, and is widely used in packing both solid and liquid food items for resale.
  • The RV-8200 is also equipped with an alarm and safety system to signal abnormal air pressure, bags that are placed incorrectly or not opened, and the system will stop filling if there is a bag error to prevent loss of product.
  • This automatic bag sealer is equipped with safety doors and proximity sensors, and is constructed of stainless steel allowing the surface to be easily cleaned after use.

Are you Ready to Upgrade Manufacturing with an Automatic Bag Sealer?

AMAC Technologies has created a diverse line of machinery, including the RV-8200 and other products that can automate several areas of your manufacturing process. You can learn more about our automatic bag sealer and other production equipment here or contact our team today for more information.