Are there Automated Vacuum Sealing Machines for Packaging Food?

Posted by AMAC

Being a food manufacturer comes with many difficulties, but one of them should not be packaging. Today there are many options on the market from shrink wrap to pouches, but it can be confusing what type of packaging will work best with your products. It is always best to speak with a packaging expert to find the best solution for your products and manufacturing process. At AMAC Technologies, we have vacuum sealing experts available to discuss the numerous vacuum sealing machines we carry from fully automated to manual. Call us today at 877-380-6177 or read on to discover some valuable information about our state of the art, new to the U.S., automated vacuum sealing machines for food packaging.

Automated Vacuum Sealing Machines for Food Packaging

Automated vacuum sealing machines for food packaging will provide many benefits for your food manufacturing process. Moving from manual processing to automated will free up employees to focus on more important tasks in your workplace. Automated is faster than manual you it will increase your production while saving you money on labor costs.

Automated Vacuum Sealing Machines Provide More Than Increased Production

The best part about automated vacuum packaging machines for food is that they deliver many other benefits along with automation. Automation definitely increases production and will reduce labor costs, but below we take a look at some of the other great benefits you will get with vacuum sealing.

  • Multiple Packaging Options — Vacuum sealing materials come with numerous packaging options. The list includes films, bags, foils and more. The great thing is that no matter what type of material you choose, you still get the superior seal that is available only with vacuum sealing.
  • Superior Seal – With food vacuum packaging, all the air is removed from the product. This type of seal protects against bacteria growth and contamination. Therefore, it protects the product from handling damage during its lifecycle: shipping to retail.
  • Packaging Savings – Vacuum sealing as a packaging method saves money. It reduces food spoilage, it increases shelf life and can result in reduced labor costs with automated machinery.
  • Increased Shelf Life – By removing all or most of the air from food packages, studies have shown vacuum sealing can increase product shelf life anywhere from 50%-400%. It virtually eliminates the risk of bacteria growth and can reduce freezer burn as well.

Vacuum sealing is a great option for packaging because it preserves, protects and provides additional options such as marinating, all with the gift of automation.

Are you Ready to Try our Automated Vacuum Packaging Machines for Food?

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