Why Switch to Automated Vacuum Sealing Machines For Food

Posted by AMAC

Automated vacuum sealing machines for food are a great asset to have if you are looking to make your packaging process faster and more efficient. Packaging processed food products by hand is slow and tedious, and takes up valuable time that your employees could spend on other important business aspects.  Switching from manual hand packaging methods to automated vacuum sealing machines for food products will speed up your packaging process, as automated systems can pack and seal more packages in a shorter amount of time than can be completed by hand. An automated system will also help to reduce labor costs, as it will eliminate the burden of hand packaging. If your business packages food items like meats, cheeses, veggies, fruits, or even liquid food items, a fully automated vacuum sealing system can improve your efficiency and increase production, all while saving time and money.

Best Automated Vacuum Sealing Machines For Food

  • FFS – Form fill seal (FFS) vacuum sealing systems are great for food items that are best stored in bags and pouches. Solid and liquid food items like grains, soups, fruits, vegetables, and more can be sealed into air tight packaging that will prevent spoil and extend shelf life. FFS systems from AMAC Technologies can also pack and seal up to 60 pouches per minute.
  • Auto Sensing Vacuum Sealing – Auto sensing systems are best for large food products like whole fish, chickens, or cheese blocks. These systems detect the exact size of your product and cut c-fold film to fit around each individual item. This eliminates the need to use custom molds to create airtight packaging for large food items.

Could Your Company Benefit from Automated Vacuum Sealing Machines for Food?

If you are interested in saving time and money by switching from manual packaging to automated vacuum sealing machines for food, contact us today! AMAC Technologies is a leading provider of top of the line industrial machinery, designed to help your business succeed.