How can Co-Packers Benefit from Automated Vacuum Sealers?

Posted by AMAC

Co-packers or contract packers are outsourced by other businesses to produce their products. These are established businesses such as a bakery manufacturer that creates the product line or simply packages it for a company based on set specifications at a defined fee. The packaging process might involve filling containers or plastic trays. This process could entail vacuum packing as well depending on the hiring company’s specifications. Co-packing offers several advantages to manufacturers including the ability to complete large projects without the additional investment in machinery or staffing. This service allows smaller companies to accomplish the task without the responsibility of test runs or having to buy equipment. While co-packers benefit the businesses who outsource to them, they must also take measures to cut costs and boost efficiency for improved earning potential. Implementing automated vacuum sealers is one great way to improve production.

Using Automation to Advance Manufacturing Processes

Co-packers using vacuum sealers to accomplish packaging can use automation to advance their own business. Automated vacuum sealers provide a way to streamline the process and ensure packaging takes as little time as possible. This allows the co-packer to quickly package a manufactured product line thus boosting efficiency. The efficiency increase creates a number of opportunities including:

  • Reduced Process Costs – Less waste, dependable seals, and standardization contribute to reduced costs for each product line.
  • Improved Packing Efficiency – When manual sealing is removed from the picture, the process naturally becomes more efficient. This is largely due to the equipment being able to complete each vacuum seal without error.
  • Faster Product Line Fulfillment – Manual processes slow down the manufacturing line. Automation makes certain the product keeps moving down the line with minimal intervention.
  • Ability to Handle More Product Lines – As the packaging process becomes progressively efficient without less of an error margin, it is possible to increase the number of contracted product lines.
  • Reduced Material & Packaging Waste – An improper seal due to human error wastes materials and can even result in product waste. Automation drastically eliminates these issues.

The above advantages make it possible for co-packers to increase earnings on each manufactured product line. This also creates an opportunity to offer lower costs to the business who outsource the work to them. Automated vacuum sealers remove complications that naturally slow down manufacturing. Adding them to manufacturing prevents excessive waste or loss when packaging products.

If you are a co-packer seeking ways to advance your manufacturing methods, automated vacuum sealers are a great choice with amazing growth potential. AMAC Technologies can help with this investment and provide beneficial options to your co-packing business. Contact us today to learn more!