How To Save Time and Money with Automated Vacuum Packaging Systems

Posted by AMAC

Automated vacuum packaging systems are great tools to implement in manufacturing facilities as they are designed to completely handle your packaging process from start to finish. Fully automated systems from AMAC Technologies are capable of feeding, opening filling, and sealing high quality pouches with your liquid or solid products, faster than manual packaging. By removing the burden of manual packaging from your facility you can decrease the cost and time that goes into your packaging process, and produce more completed units in a shorter amount of time, as these automated systems can put out 60 sealed units in under 1 minute. Another added benefit of eliminating manual packaging, is that your employees are able to focus on other more pertinent tasks while your automated vacuum packaging systems handle the tedious tasks of packaging.

Benefits of Using Automated Vacuum Packaging Systems:

  • Extended Shelf Life – AMAC’s vacuum packaging systems can be used to package both liquid and solid food products into airtight pouches. Vacuum sealing food products in this manner extends shelf life and helps to prevent spoiling, overall reducing loss of product and money.
  • Prevent Damage – Items like electronics or electronic components can be protected from damage or exposure to water and other elements by vacuum sealing into durable pouches for shipping and storage. This will help to reduce loss of products due to damage.
  • Efficiency – These automated systems completely eliminate the need for packing by hand which speeds up the packaging process, reduces labor costs, and produces more completed units in a shorter amount of time than is possible with manual packaging.

Interested in Automatic Vacuum Packaging? 

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