Increase Production with Automated Snack Packaging Machines

Posted by AMAC

Smart food manufacturers know that Americans love to snack. In the United States we snack to the tune of about $200 industry profit per person. If that’s not staggering enough, the good news for manufacturer’s is that the snack industry is only growing. In the United States alone, the snack market is predicted to grow by 2.8% over the next four years. Consumers not only love their snacks, but the love them in large bags, as well as small convenient single servings. Virtually every gas station sells single serving snacks for the busy traveler or office worker who didn’t eat breakfast. We are an on-the-go society and we like the convenience of eating when we want. Whether that’s waiting for a bus, driving in our car, or sitting in the park. So it’s good news to manufacturers that snacking is here to stay. What’s even better news, is that automated snack packaging machines are hitting the market in the nick of time.

Automated Snack Packaging Machines

At AMAC Technologies, we have an exciting new automated rotary vacuum packaging machine. This type of machine is new to the United States and will bring consistency, speed, accuracy and improved packaging for virtually any type of snack. Our machines consist of two rotary stations. The first loads the package with food then transfers it to the second station where it is vacuum sealed. The finished product is discharged and ready for shipping. Our automated snack packaging machines can process up to 60 bags per minute!

Our automated snack packaging machines have additional benefits beyond increased production. Vacuum sealing protects your product from moisture, improves and extends freshness, and prevents bacteria growth and any other contaminants during handling. Our numerous packaging options deliver a superior seal to increase shelf life for products. Our automated snack packaging machines are perfect for crackers, chips, cereals, cheese, sausages, dried fruits, dried meats, candies, nuts, cookies and more!

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