Are there Automated Small Food Packaging Machines?

Posted by AMAC

Food manufacturing is tricky business these days. With the ever changing diets in the U. S. people are constantly switching from low fat, to low-carb, to Paleo, and more. It’s very difficult for food manufacturers to get a pulse on what the next diet trend will be, but one trend that seems to be here to stay is smaller servings. More and more consumers are switching to smaller servings to maintain healthy weights. Along with this, consumers are becoming more active and turn to on-the-go snacks to keep fueled during their busy days. So the question so many food manufacturers are asking is: are there automated small food packaging machines? Fortunately for manufacturers, the answer is yes!

Automated Small Food Packaging Machines

At AMAC Technologies, we have an exciting new automated rotary vacuum packaging machine. This type of machine is new to the United States and will bring consistency, speed, accuracy and improved packaging for your small food items. Our small food packaging machines have two rotary stations.  The first station picks up the packaging and places it under the product shoot. Once the packaging is in place, the product comes to the edge of a conveyor and drop into the shoot. After successfully loading the package, it is transferred to the second rotary station where it is vacuum sealed. The finished product is discharged and ready for shipping. Our small food packaging machines can process up to 60 bags per minute!

Our automated small food packaging machines provide more than just increased production. With a vacuum seal, your product will enjoy the benefits of moisture protection, improved freshness, and prevention of bacteria growth and other contaminants. We have multiple packaging options that each provide a superior seal to increase shelf life for products. Our small food packaging machines are perfect for cheese, sausages, dried fruits, dried meats, candies, nuts, cookies and more!

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