Automated Pouch Sealing Machines for Snack Packaging

Posted by AMAC

Being a snack manufacturer there are so many packaging options to choose from. Snack manufacturing can be tricky in today’s fickle market, but packaging is simple when you choose a pouch sealing machine. Pouches are a great choice because they can stand upright making it easier to merchandise on shelves. They also come with a reseal feature which consumers love. Since it can be confusing what type of packaging will work best with your products, it makes sense to speak with a packaging expert to find the best solution for your products. At AMAC Technologies, we have vacuum sealing experts available to discuss the numerous vacuum sealing machines we carry from fully automated to manual. Call us today at 877-380-6177 or read on to discover some valuable information about our state of the art, new to the U.S., automated pouch sealing machines for snack packaging.

RV-360 Series – Automated Pouch Sealing Machines for Snack Packaging

Automated pouch sealing has never been easier than with our RV-360 machines. Our machines have two rotary stations.  The first station picks up a bag from the stack, opens the bag, and places it under the product shoot. Once the bag is in place, the product comes to the edge of a conveyor and drop into the shoot. After successfully loading the bag, it is transferred to the second rotary station where it is vacuum sealed. The finished product is discharged and ready for shipping. Our rotary machines can process up to 60 bags per minute.

Automated Pouch Sealing Machines Deliver More Than Increased Production

The best part about automated pouch sealing machines for food is that they deliver many other benefits along with automation. Automation definitely increases production and will reduce labor costs, but you vacuum sealing provides: multiple packaging options, a superior seal, and increased shelf life for products. Our automated pouch sealing machines are perfect for cheese, sausages, dried fruits, dried meats, candies, nuts, cookies and more!

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