Are There Automated Pouch Filling Machines?

Posted by AMAC

Are There Automated Pouch Filling Machines?

Automation has helped many industries advance their processes, cut costs, and offer consumers exceptional products. The packaging process of any product is important to ensuring quality as well as reducing waste. If your equipment does not work effectively or cannot meet needs, your manufacturing process will be less productive. Are you ready to invest in automated pouch filling machines?

Pouch filling machines are an option for automatically filling and sealing bags that stand upright. These machines are often used in the food industry for packaging solids, powders, and liquids, but are also applicable in other industries. As one of the fastest, most efficient methods available to companies, automated pouch filling machines make a great addition to your manufacturing line or business.

How do Automated Pouch Filling Machines Work?

Pouch filling machines offer the least risk of incidents during the filling process and are typically used with compact sized bags. This option is used to pack and distribute a vast number of products quickly. The equipment delivers multiple benefits when your product will be sold over a long distance such as multiple regions, cities, states, or even countries.

At AMAC Technologies, our automated pouch filling machine consists of two rotary stations, which run the product though the following process:

1. A bag is picked up, opened, and placed under the shoot by a suction cup.
2. The product is then dropped into the filling shoot from the conveyor belt.
3. Once filled, the rotary turns to move the bag to the second station.
4. The bag is picked up and enters the vacuum chamber.
5. The chamber then closes to complete the vacuum and sealing process.
6. Once finished, the product is discharged from the vacuum chamber.

Every part of the loading and sealing process is automated making it easy to achieve the same results every time! The equipment may be used to pack liquids or dry solids making it an ideal choice for consumer foods. Our stainless-steel automated pouch filling machines work with multiple bag types and complete 60 bags per minute. Contact us today to learn more about our automated equipment solutions!