Best Automated Packaging Solutions For Increasing Efficiency

Posted by AMAC

If you are exploring various automated packaging solutions to save both time and money, a high capacity, fully automated packaging machine from AMAC Technologies could be the answer. A fully automatic packaging system like AMAC Technologies’ RF-8200 can feed, fill and seal pouches with both liquid and solid products, completing up to 60 units in one minute. This top of the line machinery can handle your packaging process from start to finish, yielding more product, in a shorter amount of time than manual packaging. Automated packaging machinery is an affordable way to cut costs and increase output, taking the burden of packaging off your employees who will be able to refocus their time and skills on more important tasks. While often used for food packaging, these machines can be used to package a wide variety of of both liquid and solid products into pouches and laminates.

Benefits of Automated Packaging Solutions 

  • Versatility – Automated packaging systems can be used to pack and seal a variety of products like meats, cheeses, juices, broths, grains, protein powders, small plastic or metal components, and much more.
  • Waste Reduction – An added benefit of packaging food products in airtight, sealed pouches, is that food is protected from exposure to elements that could cause spoil. This can extend shelf life and help to reduce waste.
  • Safety – In addition to speed and efficiency, AMAC Technologies’ RF-8200 packaging system is equipped with a sensor system that can detect errors is packaging. This sensor system will signal changes in air pressure and sound alarms should bags not open or fill properly, pausing production for adjustment.

If you are interested in saving time and money by automating your packaging process, consider implementing the use of a top of the line automated packaging solutions from AMAC Technologies. To learn more about these high capacity automated packaging solutions, contact us today.