Automated Packaging Equipment For Commercial Manufacturing: Vacuum Sealers, Puch FIlling Machines, FFS, Heath Shrink Labeling & More

Posted by Chela Mancuso

How Can Automated Packaging Equipment Make Your Process Faster and More Affordable?

The primary reason manufacturers across industries seek out automated packaging equipment is because these machines help to reduce labor costs, speed up production, and keep up with high demands. All of this results in a more efficient, more affordable, and safer packaging process. Manual packaging methods are tedious and require hands-on, repetitive movements that can result in injury. Manual packaging is also much slower and requires the time and focus of a large number of employees which becomes very expensive. Automated equipment including vacuum sealers, pouch filling machines, shrink labelers, and more can provide durable, affordable packaging, absolutely hands-free, and remove the burden of manual labor from your facility. 

What Industries Use Automated Vacuum Sealers and Packaging Systems?

Almost every commercial manufacturing industry from food and beverage to automotive and medical requires the use of automated packaging systems. Food and beverage is a big industry that greatly benefits from automated vacuum packaging equipment, as this machinery provides ideal, air-tight packaging to preserve food, extend shelf life, and lock out contaminants and bacteria that can cause food to spoil. Vacuum sealing perishables helps to reduce waste and loss while locking in freshness. Other products that benefit from the airtight properties and durable packaging provided by vacuum sealers include electronic components, medical tools and devices, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, linens, and much more. 

What Are Some Different Types Of Automated Packaging Machines?

  • Pouch Filling Vacuum Sealers – Used across industries, these systems can be sued to package a variety of different products, both solid and liquid. Am automated pouch filling machine will feed, open, fill, and seal pouches with whatever product your manufacturer. These systems operate hands-free and produce at a speed of 60 bpm. This style of machine is often used for snack foods, frozen foods, protein powders, liquid products, and much more. 
  • Nozzle Vacuum Sealers – Nozzle vacuum sealers work by inserting a vacuum nozzle into a preformed bag, pouch, or laminate, and sucking out excess oxygen. The bag is then sealed shut to create an airtight seal and protect the product from damaging elements. This style of vacuum sealing machine is often used to reduce bulk for items like pillows, blankets, towels, and linens, but can be used to package most consumer products that benefit from vacuum technology. 
  • Form Fill Seal (FFS) – FFS systems are great for large and irregularly shaped products like large cuts of meat, tools, car parts, whole fish, or blocks of cheese. This machine uses auto-sensing technology to detect the size and shape of each product, then it cuts c-fold film to fit the exact dimensions. Excess air is removed from the package and then sealed shut for shipping and storage. 
  • Chamber Vacuum Sealers – A chamber vacuum sealer is often used for food products and instead of using suction, it uses pressure to evacuate oxygen from the packaging. This gives the operator the ability to create the perfect environment for each product by choosing how much air is released before the package is sealed shut. 
  • Heath Shrink Labeling Machines – These machines are used to apply shrink labels and tamper evident neck bands to products like beverages, bottles, canned goods, cosmetics, personal care products, cleaning products, and more. Depending on which model you choose they can produce at speeds of 60bpm, 150 bpm, and 300bpm. Shrink labeling is very popular for candles, craft beer, wine, and other consumer products often seen at supermarkets. These systems operate hands-free and provide fast, effective, and affordable packaging and labeling. 

Want To Find The Best Commercial Packaging Systems For Your Needs?

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