Top Of The Line Automated Packaging Equipment Supply

Posted by AMAC

AMAC Technologies offers an extensive automated packaging equipment supply designed to help manufactures increase efficiency and output while packaging goods in durable, airtight pouches. Automated packaging equipment systems quickly pack and seal items handling the entirety of the packaging process from start to finish, making manual packaging a worry of the past. These packaging systems will open, fill and seal pouches producing up to 60 completed units in 60 seconds, allowing more items to be packaged in a shorter amount of time than would be possible with manual packaging. With various styles of machinery available from auto sensing wrapping and sealing machines to rotary pouch filling machines, AMAC Technologies has offers equipment that is sure to take your packaging process to the next level while saving on labor costs and increasing production.

Benefits of Automated Packaging Equipment

  • Auto Sensing Technology – AMAC’s AIV-2000 automatically senses the size and shape of your goods to create a custom pouch to perfectly fit your product. With the ability to process 8” – 20” C-fold film, this machine packs and seals large items with ease, without the need for a custom mold.
  • Automatic Pouch Filling – AMAC’s pouch filling systems automatically feed, open, fill, and seal both liquid and solid items into vacuum sealed pouches. This system handles the entirety of the packaging process and has added safety features built in to pause production and sound alarms to alert the user to any errors that could occur in filling.
  • Vacuum Sealing – Using these automated machines to vacuum seal your products helps to prevent waste and loss. Vacuum sealing food products will seal in freshness, extending shelf life and preventing spoil. Vacuum sealing will also protect non food items from damage caused by exposure to water and other damaging elements.

Looking for the Best Automated Packaging Equipment Supply?

AMAC Technologies’ automated packaging equipment supply is designed with speed and efficiency in mind to help your manufacturing business maximize production while eliminating the burden of hand packaging, allowing your employees to focus on other important aspects of business. Contact us today for more detailed information or browse  our online products to find the packaging equipment that best suits your needs.