Automated Packaging Equipment Ensures Food Safety

Posted by AMAC

If your business packages and ships food, you should learn about how automated packaging equipment ensures food safety, reduces waste and loss, and ultimately saves money. AMAC Technologies’ automated packaging equipment ensures food safety by using vacuum sealing technology to seal food products into airtight pouches or laminates to prevent exposure to elements that can cause food to spoil, which results in waste and loss. Automated vacuum packaging equipment for food is also efficient, versatile, and cost effective. All of these benefits come together to help protect your product, save money, and increase productivity. 

Benefits of Automated Packaging Equipment for Food:

  • Safety- The air tight seal created by vacuum packaging prevents your food products from being exposed to bacteria and other elements. Not only does this help to prevent food from becoming contaminated or spoiling, but the lack of oxygen in the packaging helps to extend your products’ shelf life, making it safe for consumption for a longer period of time.
  • Efficiency – Automated packaging equipment not only ensures food safety, but also helps to increase output, and eliminate the need for tedious manual packaging. AMAC Technologies’ automated packaging equipment can handle the entire packaging process from start to finish, packaging and sealing up to 60 units per minute. AMAC also offers machinery that can package both liquid or solid food products with ease, as well as large food products like whole fish or chickens without a mold.
  • Cost Effective – No matter what food products you are packaging, AMAC Technologies’ machinery will be able to package it faster and more effectively than hand packaging.This allows you to cut labor costs, eliminate the burden of packaging tasks from your employees, and increase output, helping to save money.

Want to Find Out How Automated Packaging Equipment Ensures Food Safety?

If you are interested in learning more about automated packaging equipment to ensure food safety, contact us today! AMAC Technologies provides cutting edge, manufacturing machinery, designed for quality, speed, and efficiency, to provide your business with tools for success.