Automated Industrial Vacuum Packaging – A Solution for Every Industry

Posted by AMAC

Automation is becoming a common theme in a number of industries including food, medical, and electronics. When this topic comes up, the image of a robot with artificial intelligence is a first thought; however, automation encompasses much more. Any process completed within a manufacturing or production environment by a machine with little to no human intervention is automated. As a result, companies are able to experience error reduction, cost savings, and additional benefits such as reduced labor costs. One such type of equipment is automated industrial vacuum packaging.

How Do Companies Benefit from Computerized Equipment?

Automated industrial vacuum packaging equipment performs some or all of the packing process from bag loading to the completed seal. It is used in several industries to provide improved freshness and to reduce space. This is especially true in the food industry where oxygen within the packaging promotes the growth of bacteria and spoiling. Automated industrial vacuum packaging processes deliver the following benefits:

• Decreased Packing Space
• Reduced Risk of Cross-Contamination
• Limited Production Waste
• Reduced Errors During Packaging
• Decreased Packaging Time
• Better Product Protection

The end result of incorporating this equipment into a production setting is better products and improved profits. Additionally, hiring remains focused on experience rather than simply the needs of an individual position on a production line.

What Innovations are Available for Vacuum Packaging Processes?

AMAC Technologies offers several models that can be incorporated into your production environment or packaging area to gain the benefits of automation. We offer solutions capable of catering to the needs of several industries including. Our lines consist of multiple equipment designs including the following:

Chamber Design – These models operate by placing the bag within a chamber. Air is then removed from the entire chamber rather than just the bag used for vacuum packaging.

Auto Loading Design – These models are fully automatic meaning that the bag is loaded onto the line, opened, filled, and then vacuum sealed without any intervention.

Nozzle Design – These models have a stainless-steel nozzle, which is inserted into the bag and used to remove oxygen. Gas flushing is an additional feature for increased shelf life.

Each design is available for different applications and packing speed needs. Contact our team today to learn more about automated industrial vacuum packaging equipment choices and to determine what will work best for your specific needs.