Automated Food Packaging System – Using Technology to Boost Productivity and Lower Costs

Posted by AMAC

Today’s grocery stores are packed with stand-up pouches and other types of bags for product storage. These packaging choices have become extremely popular due to the advantages they offer. When an automated food packaging system is used, costs are reduced in several areas including:

  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Production
  • Shipping

These cost reductions and additionally offered benefits are heightened with automated food packaging systems. This equipment automates multiple processes in the production of consumer goods such as food or pet supplies. Machinery may be designed to handle a simple task or many. Industrial designs are incorporated into a production line for a fully automated solution.

How Does an Automated Food Packaging System Help?

Whereas several individuals were needed to open, fill, and seal the bag, now all of these tasks are completed by the equipment. Employees are only responsible for operating the machine on their shift. For example, a machine may do the following:

  • Load the Bag – The bag is loaded onto the production line by a conveyor belt or other design.
  • Open the Bag – Bags are opened using a blast of air or another method to prepare for filling.
  • Product Filling – Product is loaded into the bag through a shoot.
  • Vacuum Sealing – All air is removed from the bag to create a tight, dependable seal.

rotary-vacuum-sealerBesides reduced costs and speeding up the filling process, automated food packaging systems also increase dependability. The seal is more reliable, less waste is created, and errors are minimal.

While an automated food packaging system offers several benefits, not every piece of equipment is the same. It is important to evaluate the dependability of the equipment as well as to learn about available features. Not all features will be necessary, and it pays to research based on your specific packaging needs.

Get the Right Equipment the First Time

Our automated food packaging system is offered in several designs to work with a variety of packaging solutions. We also offer additional features to ensure our equipment is able to solve your particular packaging objectives. Our team will listen to your needs and help determine what model will deliver the most benefits.