Automated Flexible Packaging Machines For Cheese

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Automated flexible packaging machines for cheese are an absolute necessity for any grocer or manufacturer that is looking to vacuum seal their cheese products for resale. Cheese can sometimes be difficult to pack due to irregular shapes and sizes, which is why automated flexible packaging machines for cheese are the way to go. AMAC Technologies’ automated flexible packaging machines can either automatically cut packaging to fit each item, without the need for custom molds, which is ideal for large blocks of cheese, or fill premade bags and pouches with your product which works great shredded cheese or sauce products. Regardless of whether your products are large, small, solid, liquid, or shredded, AMAC Technologies offers automated flexible packaging machines for cheese that will make your packaging process more efficient and affordable. 

Why use automated flexible packaging machines for cheese?

  • Reduced Labor – One of the biggest draws of automation is that it allows for reduced labor costs. Our automated machines have the ability to handle the winter packaging process from beginning to end with no need for manual intervention. Not only does this reduce overhead, but it also reduces injury risk and liability.
  • Increased Output Our automated flexible packaging machines for cheese are highly efficient with the ability to put out up to 60 finished units per minute. This incomparable speed, that requires no hands on attention, will allow you to produce more units, at a faster speed, for a lower cost. 
  • No Custom Molds – A major aspect of convenience when using these machines is that no matter what shape or size your product is, you will not need a custom mold to create packaging. Our machines use auto-sensing, in line technology to assess the shape of each item and cut custom packaging to fit out of durable c-fold film.

Need automated flexible packaging machines for cheese?

If you are looking for more information on automated packaging machinery AMAC Technologies is standing bye ready to help. With an extensive line of automated manufacturing equipment and over 30 years of knowledge and experience, we are sure to help you find the best machinery for your business. Contact us here today!