Automated Machinery For Applying Shrink Sleeve Labels To Food and Beverage Products

Posted by Chela Mancuso

In the competitive landscape of food and beverage packaging, the presentation of your product plays a pivotal role in capturing the consumer’s attention. Applying shrink sleeve labels and tamper-proof neck banding not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of products but also ensures their integrity and safety. This is where the cutting-edge ASL-300 from AMAC Technologies, designed for commercial packaging of consumer products including food and beverages, stands out in the realm of automated shrink sleeve labelers.

The Importance of Applying Shrink Sleeve Labels and Tamper Proof Neck Banding to Food and Beverage Products

Shrink sleeve labels and tamper-proof neck banding offer a dual advantage of securing the product while maximizing the surface area for branding and information. With the increasing demand for product safety and vibrant, full-bodied designs, it’s crucial for food and beverage packagers to adopt solutions that meet these needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Security: Tamper-evident features assure consumers of the product’s safety, which is paramount in food and beverage products.
  • Branding: Full-body shrink sleeve labels offer 360-degree coverage for brand visibility, enabling designs to stand out on crowded shelves.
  • Durability: Shrink sleeve labels are highly resistant to moisture and abrasion, ensuring the product branding remains intact even under harsh storage or transportation conditions.
  • Flexibility: They can conform to any container shape, providing a seamless application process for a variety of packaging designs, from simple bottles to intricate containers, thereby offering versatility in packaging options.

How Do Shrink Sleeve Machines Work?

The ASL-300 by AMAC Technologies epitomizes the pinnacle of shrink sleeve technology. At the heart of this system are strong servo motors controlled by a precision PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), encased in a robust stainless steel structure. The cantilever design of mandrels facilitates quick change-over for various product sizes, enhancing production flexibility and efficiency. Here’s the simplified process:

  1. Sleeve Application: The machine carefully cuts and applies the shrink sleeve label to the container.
  2. Heating: The labeled product then moves through a heat tunnel, where the sleeve shrinks snugly around the container.

This automated system can handle speeds up to 300 bottles per minute (bpm), ensuring high throughput for businesses of all sizes.

What Types of Products Are Packaged With Heat Shrink Labeling Technology

The versatility of the ASL-300 allows it to handle a broad range of container shapes and materials, from round, oval, oblong to even square containers made of plastic, glass, tin, or aluminum. This includes:

  • Bottled beverages
  • Food containers
  • Cosmetic and personal care items
  • Two-for-one promo packs
  • Containers requiring tamper-evident seals

Benefits of Automated Shrink Labeling For Manufacturers

Automating the process of applying shrink sleeve labels brings numerous benefits to manufacturers, including:

  • Reduced Labor Costs: Minimizes the need for manual labor in the packaging process.
  • Increased Production Speed: High-speed application capabilities greatly enhance throughput.
  • Versatility: Quick change-over mandrel design allows for easy switching between different product types and sizes.
  • Durability: Stainless steel construction ensures longevity and reliability of the machinery.

About AMAC Technologies and Their ASL-300 Neck Banding and Shrink Labeling Machine

With over four decades of experience in the packaging industry, AMAC Technologies leads with innovation, offering solutions like the ASL-300 that blend expertise with efficiency. Their commitment to providing the most affordable, high-quality equipment is evident in the ASL-300’s design, marrying the use of off-the-shelf electronic components with a standardized structural design to reduce costs without compromising on performance.

  • Speeds up to 300 bpm
  • Strong servo motors with PLC for precise operation
  • Stainless Steel Construction for durability
  • Compact footprint perfect for operations with limited space
  • 24/7 Experienced Tech Support and free consultation on heat shrink sleeve labeling

Learn More About Applying Shrink Sleeve Labels and The Best Machinery For Your Packaging Needs

Selecting the right machinery for applying shrink sleeve labels to your products is a critical decision that can significantly impact your brand’s presentation and efficiency. The ASL-300 from AMAC Technologies presents an unparalleled solution for food and beverage packagers seeking an affordable, efficient, and robust system for automatic shrink sleeve labeling and neck banding. With its blend of speed, versatility, and affordability, the ASL-300 is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern manufacturers, setting a new standard in the packaging industry. Contact AMAC Technologies today to speak with a packaging specialist and find the best shrink labeling solutions for your needs.

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