Affordable Form Fill Seal Machine

Posted by AMAC

An affordable form fill seal machine is one of the greatest investments you can make for your business in fields such as manufacturing, grocery, or other lines of business that regularly vacuum seal their products. An affordable form fill seal machine is valuable for many reasons as it helps to save both time and money during the packaging process. Vacuum sealing technology such as this also helps to extend shelf life and reduce contact during production, before the product reaches the consumer. If you are looking for an affordable form fill seal machine that can package large and irregularly sized items in a much faster manner than can be accomplished with manual packaging, AMAC Technologies can help.

Why use Affordable Form Fill Seal Machines?

  • Cost Effective – Our form fill seal (FFS) machines help to reduce your production overhead by reducing labor costs, increasing output speed, and decreasing loss of product by using vacuum sealing technology to extend shelf life and prevent contaminants from causing spoil or damage.
  • No Custom Molds – Our FFS equipment uses auto sensing technology and wide c-fold film so that it can easily cut film to fit large and irregularly shaped products with ease. Items such as meat, fish, large cheese blocks, electronics, tools, and so much more can be efficiently packed and sealed with no need for hands on labor.
  • Hands Free – Not only does this fully automated machinery reduce risk of injury, but it also reduces contact, which is widely sought after in today’s social climate where reduced contact and contact free services are preferred to prevent spread of illness.

Looking for an Affordable Form Fill Seal Machine?

To learn more about form fill seal equipment contact us today. With over 30 years of experience our team of packaging specialists has the knowledge to help you find the best equipment for your facility.