Affordable Food Packaging Machines – Price is Only Part of the Decision

Posted by AMAC

Food packaging machines standardize the packing process and help businesses in this industry gain improved performance. The benefits are abundant when this equipment is placed in a production or manufacturing environment. Less people are needed to complete the required tasks and errors are naturally reduced. What most companies don’t realize is that affordable food packaging machines are now available on the market.

Food packaging machines take care of one or more tasks needed to fill the bag with product and seal it for distribution. They typically come in the following manual or automatic designs:

  • In-Line – Combines in-line vacuum wrapper forming with automatic loading and sealing for a complete packaging
  • Rotary – Consists of a specific number of rotary stations designed to fill and seal bags.
  • Double Chamber – Provides two vacuum chambers for increased speed during the sealing process.
  • Chamber – A single chamber design for accommodating smaller food

Manual models are also designed for tabletop and mobile use to meet the needs of restricted space environments. Pairing the right model with your needs is essential to gaining an affordable packing solution.

What Factors Make this Equipment Affordable?

It is easy to look at the price tag of this equipment and think it is too expensive to implement in one or multiple facilities. However, you must weigh the investment cost with the savings provided after implementation. Also, the initial price does not always determine success. A lower cost machine may be difficult to operate, break down often, or not provide consistency. At the same time, an expensive machine could provide more than is needed to get the job done.

When looking at the price, consider what is provided with that price along with the equipment durability and provided customer service. Take time to review the company’s reputation to ensure offered equipment is reliable as well. Next, consider how this choice will cut costs for your company. Here are a few ways costs are reduced with food packaging machines:

  • Cuts Down Labor Requirements
  • Produces Less Waste
  • Packaging Results are Consistent
  • Processes are Standardized
  • Product Quality is Higher
  • Room for Error is Limited

Each of the above decreases expenses currently experienced when processes are performed without the right equipment. While it takes a little time to make up for the initial investment, the long-term savings are well worth it. If you are looking for dependable, affordable food packaging machines, the team at AMAC Technologies is here to help. Contact us today to learn about our affordable food packaging machine options!