Affordable Automation in Vacuum Packaging

Posted by AMAC

Affordable automation in vacuum packaging is the key to increasing production, while decreasing labor costs, which helps to save time and money. From food products to medical tools, toys, or even electronics, automated vacuum packaging provides great protection to your products, while eliminating the need for tedious hand packaging methods. If you are looking for affordable automation in vacuum packaging that will help you to package more items in a shorter amount of time than could be achieved with manual packaging, AMAC Technologies can help you find the perfect machine to fit your needs. AMAC Technologies’ machines are designed for efficiency and versatility, making high production easy.   

Benefits of Automated Vacuum Packaging

  • Speed – AMAC Technologies produces automated vacuum packaging systems that handle the entire packaging process from start to finish and can produce up to 60 completed units in just one minute.
  • Versatility – Whether you are packaging solid or liquid products, large or small, we have fully automated packaging machinery that will get the job done. For smaller solid or liquid items that are best packaged into pouches, bags, or laminates, AMAC offers systems that will easily fill and seal up to 2.2lbs of your product into airtight packaging. There are also auto sensing systems that work great for larger items like whole fish or chickens, that will cut laminates to fit each individual item without the need for a mold.
  • Protection – Vacuum sealing does a great job of protecting food items from germs and bacteria, which could cause spoil or contamination, this helps to protect your consumer and extend shelf life.
  • Affordability – Automated packaging eliminates the need for hand and manual packaging processes, which allows you to save time, reduce labor costs, and increase overall production, making your packaging process more affordable.

Need Affordable Automation in Vacuum Packaging?

If you would like more information about automated packaging systems, contact us today! AMAC Technologies produces cutting edge industrial packaging machinery that is designed for speed, efficiency, and high quality production. Our vacuum sealing experts are ready to find the best machine for your needs.