Affordable Automation in the Food Industry

Posted by AMAC

Technology advancements have been astronomical over the last 10 to 15 years with robotics being at the forefront of these significant developments. Automation used to be a dream for many manufacturers who were struggling to manage high labor costs, a large margin of error, and process inefficiencies. Today, affordable automation is a viable option for increasing productivity while better managing costs.

For the food industry, automation provides extensive benefits from competitive consumer pricing to increased flexibility in product generation. It allows companies to better manage each product as it is created, packaged, and distributed. Automated solutions can be found in every portion of the food supply chain:

• Agriculture
• Manufacturing
• Packaging
• Delivery

It is now a reasonable alternative to common problems manufacturers experience within their facilities. Affordable automation is transforming the food industry by allowing companies to remain competitive on a local and global level.

What Does Affordable Automation Offer to Block Cheese and Meat Providers?

Food manufacturers have several benefits to gain from automation including heightened productivity and decreased operating costs. This is especially true for manufacturers of block cheese and meats. Quality control is a big issue in this type of production. Automation takes on the heavy workload while allowing manufactures to focus on the process as a whole. It offers the following benefits for producers of block cheeses or meats:

• Improved Product Consistency
• Ability to Expand Production
• Decreased Physical Aspects of Production
• Improved Efficiency & Reliability
• Easier Tracing from Production to Shipment
• Increased Worker Safety During Production

When automation is added to the production process, many complications are resolved. For example, each batch of cheese or meat will have the same consistency. This is a common issue for these products within the food industry. It also reduces the risk of contamination and makes each batch traceable in the instance that one does become contaminated.

Since automation is now a viable investment for any sized company, it is easier to update production processes in these manufacturing facilities. At AMAC Technologies, we specialize in offering affordable automation solutions capable of delivering the benefits discussed in this article. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment options and to learn how they can help your business continue to remain competitive in the industry.