Affordable Automated Flexible Packaging

Posted by AMAC

If you are looking for affordable automated flexible packaging, to help reduce labor costs and speed up production, AMAC Technologies can help you find the perfect system for your packaging needs. Typically used for processed food packaging, AMAC Technologies flexible packaging systems can also be used to package products such as tools, electronic components, toys, medical equipment, and many other items that could benefit from being vacuum sealed into airtight pouches. Whether you are packaging large items that need cut to fit packaging, or small food items that are best stored in airtight pouches, AMAC Technologies offers affordable automated flexible packaging systems that will not only provide quality packaging, but help save time and money, by eliminating the need for tedious manual packaging. 

Why Switch from Manual to Automated Packaging

  • Speed – AMAC Technologies’ automated packaging systems can produce 60 packed and sealed units in 60 seconds, resulting in more finished packages in a shorter amount of time than traditional hand packing methods. These systems are also capable of handling the entire packaging process from start to finish, eliminating the need for manual intervention all together.
  • Vacuum Sealing – There are many benefits to be had from packaging your products, especially food, in vacuum sealed pouches. Vacuum sealing prevents damage that can be caused from exposure to water and other elements during shipping and storage. Vacuum sealing also extends shelf life of food products and prevents exposure to bacteria that can cause spoiling.
  • Versatility – AMAC Technologies offers systems that can package solid, liquid, or powdered products with ease. Our machines can cut to fit laminates for large products or fill preformed pouches and bags with up to 2.2lbs of goods. No matter the shape or consistency, AMAC Technologies offers a system that can package your products.

Looking  for Affordable Automated Flexible Packaging?

AMAC Technologies produces top of the line industrial machinery that will save time and money, while providing you with cutting edge tools for success. Contact us today to learn more about our flexible packaging systems.